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Understanding Internet Marketing Online Advertising

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The internet is incredibly popular and as such internet marketing online advertising is becoming essential for most businesses. There is so much advertising on the internet it’s not funny and unfortunately much of it is just hype. How do you know if you are doing it right or wrong? When advertising online you need to have a good understanding of internet marketing and how it works. Here are three myths of internet marketing that if you are following you could actually be doing your business damage.

Myth 1 – To succeed you must have a great website.

It is good to have a great website but it isn’t the deciding factor on whether your business will be successful or not. More important than a good website is a good, well-defined service and a target market. If you don’t have a good product or service and a targeted audience then even the best website won’t make you successful. Before you begin building a website you first need to know who your target market is. You need to decide the best way to promote your products or services to that target market. You need to be able to let your potential customers know how your product or service will benefit them.

When you know your target audience and the best way to market to them, then you can build your website based on these factors. In fact, all the marketing you do needs to be based on these factors. With your website you also need to focus on your content and search engine optimization. Many people focus more on the design of the site, when in actual fact the content and SEO is much more important. You do need to have a site that looks professional but more importantly you need good content and a clear explanation of your products and services.

Myth 2 – More traffic means more profit.

This is also another myth that doesn’t ring true. You can have thousands of visitors a day to your website but if none of them are interested in what you are selling then you’re not going to make any profit. You need targeted traffic so that the visitors your website is receiving are people that are interested in what you are selling.

It is better to have 100 buying customers than 1000 non-buying customers. Your website needs to be very clear about what you are selling and how it will benefit the customer. You want to make it so those customers can’t resist buying your product or service. First and foremost though, your advertising and your website both want to attract customers that are interested in your niche.

Myth 3 – Do whatever it takes to build a huge list.

Having a list of your customer’s emails and details can increase the profits that you make. So why then is this just a myth? Similar to myth 2 where the quality of visitors is more important than the quantity, the same goes when building your subscriber list, the quality of subscribers is much more important than the quantity.

When you obtain customers names by giving away some freebies, this is a great way to build a list but often you are building a list of people seeking freebies and not people wanting to buy. You want a subscriber list of potential customers, people who are really interested in your products or services. You want to ask your site visitors to join your mailing list in return for receiving a weekly newsletter or a helpful report. The names you capture using this method will be much better quality than giving away a bunch of cheap, freebies.

When you advertise online your internet marketing online advertising must have the same quality and professionalism as your business.

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Top Social Networking Sites

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The idea of social networking goes back to the dawn of human history, but it is a much more recent phenomenon when referring to the top social networking sites online. People tend to think of a few sites right away when the term is mentioned. The truth is that there are hundreds of networking sites out there, but only a few dominate the field. In fact, the top few do better than then all of those hundreds of hopefuls combined. Here is a quick rundown on those sites at the top of the list.

There was a time when MySpace was the premier site for social networking. It could be said that it was the reason for the coining of the term, and that all sites that came after it were mere imitators. Unfortunately, it has lost some of its base to Facebook, but it is still a force to be reckoned with. It is still near the top of the list though, and if you are looking to network, then setting up a MySpace account is a must. Generally speaking, it has a sharper focus on those who have a common interest in various media and entertainment.

MySpace allows people to post on each other’s pages, and this is where the bulk of the networking takes place. For this reason, you should think of it as more than just a hangout for music fans and film buffs. It can also be used as an effective marketing vehicle if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Twitter also qualifies as one of the top social networking sites, and has made a big splash in many ways. It seems as though everybody is “tweeting”, and it is becoming a major part of some people’s lives. One of the things that makes Twitter unique is that all posts must be 140 characters or less. On the surface, such a limitation would seem to be a hindrance to marketing. However, the truth is that Twitter makes for an excellent addition to any marketing campaign. While it may be next to impossible to express your entire marketing message in a few characters, you can certainly get people interested in clicking a link to your site.

Now we come to the behemoth that is known as Facebook. Every so often something new comes along online that changes everything. Facebook is one of those things. People are playing games, chatting, posting, sharing, connecting, finding old friends, and much more. From a marketing standpoint, Facebook is pure gold for any business that gets it. Not only are the people behind Facebook making a lot of money, but plenty of savvy marketers are using to generate more online sales than ever before.

A few more places that could be considered as top social networking sites are LiveJournal, Flickr and Digg. Each of these has its own advantages, but they would all make good additions to an overall marketing strategy.

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