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Till date we have seen Google as a Search engine which helps us to search anything at a single click from any corner of the world. But Google is not restricted to web search only, they provide a way to make some money online from the comfort of your home. Yes, if you have a writing skill and have knowledge about your specific industry. You can very well explore this earning opportunity provided by Google. What you have to do is to create a blog in any of free publishing website such as blogger, word press or even you can have your own domain with Free CMS installed in it.

Google Invites Online marketers to utilize a program called Google Ad words by the way such businesses can market their product or service on Google. All such businesses in terms of Ads are shown either at left side of search results or at top most position of Search Results. All these are highlighted as a paid listing. Now lets go ahead Google Ad sense is a program where all such webmasters who own either a blog with rich content or a website can join the race with Google. Google once after review of the site used by webmaster to get sign up for Google Ad sense program will provide an opportunity to show those ads of businesses on their blog site. Google Ad sense has got their own crawler who makes sure to Crawl content of all such signed up blog or website to display relevant Ads. These increases the earning of webmaster on one hand due to increase click through rate and on other hand the businesses who have signed up with Google Ad words program are benefitted in terms of relevant visitors to their website. Google on one hand takes the money from businesses who advertise and pays on other hand to webmasters who sends traffic via Ads shown on their website. Google earns a percentage from each transaction.

Google not only pay you for referral traffic but even an impression of Ads on your site can make you money. Apart from these Ad sense for Feeds, Ad sense for Search, Ad sense for mobile content, Ad sense for domains and Ad sense for video helps you to make money through this program.

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Balaji Naidu is an Organic SEO & SEM Expert from Ahmedabad, India. He basically writes on Seo tips, internet marketing, digital marketing, Mobile marketing, webmaster guide lines and way to make money online. He helps newbies in SEO industry to learn new techniques and basically helps them to remain updated with latest trends by his SEO blog. He even provides way to make money online through his exclusive blog How to start a blog

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