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Welcome to OkieWebs Blog Network

It is our intention to provide the best information and resources we can for new internet marketers and those who seek to either make a living online or simply to supplement their income. If you are looking for information and resources for your endeavor, OkieWebs will seek to provide the best, most usable information we can find.

There is absolutely no reason to fall into the “newbie traps” that are designed to snare those who are new to the game. We suggest to sit down with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and visit some of the blogs we link to and see what you are getting yourself into. We hope to provide you with solid information and real opportunities for making income online and show you some of the scam type programs specifically tailored to take advantage of those new to internet marketing.  We promise you here and now,  we will not show any junk programs on this network. Money wasters, scam programs and junk have no place here.

Feel free to comment on any post you may have a question on or like … or even have a different opinion on. We are all here to learn, yes?

Then let’s do this….


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